Monday, July 27, 2009

Toradora - How did i miss this Gem?


Ami, the goddess of this show

Well, i just finished the 19th episode of Toradora and i must say it is a very wonderful series that i passed up for the right reasons, and missed for all the wrong reasons. Typical, predictable story with a typical Rie Kugimiya character, and below average animation(IMO). However there is so much about the amazing series. Wonderful funny situations, amazing characters (Minori pre-emo, AMI!!!!!) and a consistent non-episodic plot.

First of all, the good
A very enjoyable plot that produces a rather funny show that keeps you coming back for more and more. It's episodic in the sense that most episodes focus around one stand alone topic, but every episode leaves behind one piece that slowly develops the entire plot. The characters are good too. Minori and Yusaku manage to be so outrageous they are a riot. Ami in particular is gold. She's the character type i look for in every show. The silent girl with a crush on the person she knows she'll never have, so she makes the most of it. She always manages to produce lines that are quote-worthy and even though her character is suppose to be evil and mean, she is very likable.

The bad... duh duh duh....
The plot, while enjoyable and funny, is predictable. It's not something to write about for the ages and is nothing really new. For those of you who couldn't guess after the first minute that Taiga and Ryujii would end up together need to get their head checked. As well after Shana, Rie Kugimiya typecast really really gets on my nerves. As well the whole episode and general enjoyment seem to rise and fall with the amount of Ami present in the episode. Her impeccable insight, constant flirting/attempt at a second chance, and wonderful one/two liners make her the backbone of this show. Also after Minori became depressed she really became no fun. Come to think about it, they all had their emo moments, and all fell flat when they did.

Overall, not the best show in the world, but very very good and definatley one not to miss.

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