Sunday, September 13, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist - 10

Yes, i haven't posted since ep 4 and yes i am unbelievably behind, but i still wanted to put down my thoughts on this ep, because it is so important.

Summary (Quick):

We start with Ed still recovering from his wounds in the hospital, but he is just about ready to leave. He discusses the findings on the philosopher stone with Armstrong and Hughes. The fuhrer walks in and discovers what Ed has been up to. He tells them to stop and forbid them from speaking about it. Ed and Al decide to head out to see their old teacher again to refocus themselves. Winry convinces them to take her to a mecca of sorts for automail mechanics. Meanwhile Hughes continues to look for more information in the library, but is ambushed by Lust. He manages to escape, but injured. Outside he is again ambushed by Envy, using his wife's appearance to stop him. After the funeral, Mustang looks for clues as to who did it. Through careful hints, Armstrong tells him someone high up is trying to stop them from researching the philosopher stone.


I know most of my post on the second season is just comparing it to the original, so i'll try to tune it down this time and actually talk about the episode. But i gotta get out how i hate they made CSI Mustang go around looking for clues after Hughes death. They should have just had it end when hes crying at the grave and save the detective work for the next episode. Im also overall dissapointed that they set up his death so early in this series. 10 eps is not enough time for us to really get attached to him. Although the actual funeral scene was done just as well as before. I have to say its interesting that the Fuhrer is trying to stop Ed and Al. Also knowing who he is, its interesting that he got teary at Hughes funeral. Besides the acutal death, there were quite a few funny moments, which seems to happen a lot this season. im gonna have to get used to expecting death after a funny episode.

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