Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 ep 16


Hank and the other federation coup detat members have taken control of the space elevator. Hank releases a statement saying he only demands the public be informed of the horrors of a-laws. The a-laws however manipulate the media and the official press release states that anti-federation activist the demands the the dismantling of the earth federation and the release of thousands of anti-federation captives. Sergei knows that it is fake and is ordered to a special mission by his superior. He heads to the orbital elevator to talk to him.

A-laws have sent automatons to combat the coop. Hank hopes that this will show the world the horrors of a-laws. Sergei goes to talk to hank, and informs him that the government is rejecting his demands. He tells him that the government is altering his words and he should let the innocents go. Hank informs him that these people allowed a-laws to take control by their passive actions. they aren't completely innocent and need to wake up. They start to fight the automatons and evacuate the citizens. Sergei realized that he never intended to keep the captives. The video on earth has been altered to show the federation members doing the killing. Hank is not discouraged. He thinks 60,000 citizens cant be silenced.

Meanwhile, A-laws has decided to sit back and not get involved. Ptolemy heads to the elevator, knowing that setsuna will be heading there. Setsuna however is engaged by Bushido and his new trans-am capable Masurao. The Masurao has the advantage until setsuna trans-ams as well. The fight was short due to the arrival of seravee and cherudim. Sumeragi looks at the formation of the a-laws forces and the map of the wind. they noticed they are in position in case the elevator falls. they realized that a-laws has a second Memento Mori.


Noting much happen that requires input. Interesting to see how the information censorship will work and weather anyone will actually learn the truth. Still no Arios, but next ep has Marie in a flight suit so...

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