Monday, January 19, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 ep 15

I wont have time to do screen caps, but I'll still try to post my thoughts a a recap

After the death of Bring, The innovators all react differently. Healing wonders how one of them could have been defeated, jokingly offering to comfort Divine. Divine is upset at Bring's worthlessness. Regene is meanwhile still wondering why Tieria is opposing them. Revive is still in disbelief. Meanwhile Setsuna and the 00-riser arrive at the kataron base and finds Marina. He collapses after getting out of cockpit. Marina calls for a medic.

Back on the Ptolemy, The ship has been restocked and Liche says hes glad they were able to restock without being discovered. Milena and Saji continue to do repairs on Seravee. Tieria informs them he has used Seraphim gundam. they wonder if they noticed Seraphim's special ability, but Tieria doesn't think so. Alleujah notes that the ships weapons are still offline and Ian says they need the 00-riser. Tieria has faith that Setsuna will return.

At federation headquarters Hercules tells Sergei that he should stay out of the way. He notes that there are places even a-laws wont touch. Sergei realizes he is talking about the Orbital elevator. At kataron, The federation representative is informing Kataron about their plans. He saids how they will be able to complete the coup without the Kataron's help. They agree and plan to inform Celestial being. The representative is surprised they have contact with celestial being.

Meanwhile, Setsuna is having a vision. He sees a younger version of himself just before he kills his parents. Setsuna runs in to stop young Setsuna and takes the gun out his hand. When young Setsuna tries to say he is doing the work of god, Setsuna proclaims that there is no god in this world. He leaves young Setsuna to his parents and tells them to watch him. Outside he runs into Neil. Neil says one cannot change the past or the effects of things that have already happened, and turns to reveal his eyepatch. One can only change how he sees and feels about things that have already happened. Neil tells Setsuna to change in place of himself.

He starts hearing the kids singing and wakes up and sees Marina. He notes how he heard the song during trans-am. While still injured, he and Marina start to talk about the letter four years ago. the kids leave to give Setsuna and Marina a little time to themselves. He tells her about his past. She reveals she always wanted to be involved with music, but was forced to take the role of princess. Another Kataron member informs him that Ptolemy had resupplied at another of their bases.

Back at the Ptolemy, Tieria puts a blanket on a sleeping Mellina, who says while sleeping that he cant fall in love with her. However the moment is short lived as A-laws is launching their attack with 36 suits. Lyle starts off with trans-am to shoot down as many as he can before they arrive. His trans-am dies and waits to recharge. Alleujah and Tieria launch to intercept, but they aren't having much success. the new Empress mobile armor is able to take both of them. As they come within range, Saji realizes that among them is Soma's custom suit, and that Louise is the pilot. Marie tries to launch in the archer, but all of a sudden the A-laws begin to retreat. They learn it is because the coup has taken over the African elevator. Setsuna, still very injured launches and tries to fly back to the Ptolemy. He is intercepted by Bushido in his new suit. Bushido forces Setsuna's attention by shifting his suit to Trans-am.

Well after a few episodes of action we get a nice cool down plot development episode. We have Marina and Setsuna development. Their relationship is very reminiscent of Herro and Relina. If that's true, i wont be holding my breath for a romance scene between the two. Speaking of romance, i hope the mellena and Tieria thing was just her sleeping mumbling and wont develop into anything. Anew and Lyle however are getting closer and if you watch carefully you can see it's definatly Anew behind the curtain. The ending itself is quite decent. The scenes are beautiful, continuing off the snapshots of the first ending, and showing images of all the suits destroyed. On another note, it seems Seraphim still has another function. Anew seems to be a beacon for A-laws and she doesn't even know it. It also looks like we can put the GN gun theory to rest as Marina states they pulled out the bullet. Neil seems to still have his effect, even on Setsuna. Last note, Bushido's new Trans-am capable flag-esque Masurao. Knowing how tau-drives cant create particles without using energy, its safe to assume the trans-am limit is drastically short, or it shuts down completely when finished or if its abilities are on par with the real trans-am. A certain sub-group has nicked named it Trans-graham ROFL.

Episode Plus/Minus

Lyle. Starting to look like a real Lockon. Cant replace Neil, but hes becoming better.
Mellina for being lawls.
Federation, for not taking shit anymore.
the sub group TRANS-GRAHAM

Louise, for still being a stupid winy ... i wont finish
Andrei, for still loving that piece of...
Billy for being obsessed that Setsuna out balls him and stole Kujo.


Riven Uchiwa said...

Well over all it is getting better and better. These people really live to make Arios fans suffer. I mean, could they just make him pwn a little? I'm awaiting to see what everyone does this week!

SeedFreedom said...

lol. "Sexy" gn archer needs her intro. And unlike nadeleeh, this is a real female mobile suit.

Riven Uchiwa said...

Well I haven't seen this week's episode but I'm thinking of watching it right now on Youtube. I just have to say that Arios better pwn this week cause they make all the other suits awsome but they do nothing for us Arios fans!

Riven Uchiwa said...

Oh and BTW...Episode 17 finally has the Archer. Me = :D

SeedFreedom said...

Looks like they wont show Archer until next week. most likely arios will be shown off with it. Kinda disappointed that everything about Cherudim was shown earlier on. Theres no more anticipation to watch waiting for it to show something new, unless it has something we havent seen yet. We know Seravee still has something up its sleeve.

SeedFreedom said...

And Ray, you wish you were Marie :P

Im too lazy now to post the next ep, probably tonight but might not be until tomorrow.