Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 ep 14

Screencap: TBA

After destroying Memento Mori, the crew is prepared to retreat when they get flanked by a new MS. Setsuna in the 00 tries to find the Ptolemy but only finds wreckage. Freaking out, he runs into Nena. Nena tells him the Ptolemy returned to earth and before she finishes talking Setsuna is already off.

Back at the Federation base, the new Federation member that showed up last week, Hercules, is talking about a coup de'tat that is being planned by some Federation members. Hercules eventually admits he is part of it.

On Ptolemy, Ian wakes up and is shocked not only to find that he is back on earth, but that the ship has taken damage. He is filled in on all the actions since he went down. Sumeragi approaches Alleujah and apologizes for once again using Marie. Alleujah accepts it, but asks her not to do it again. Meanwhile Lyle is filling in Kataron on his status and says he might need some help soon. Anew approaches him asking who he is contacting, but Lyle changes the subject. Anew notes how fast they found the ship and wonders if someone tipped them off. Lyle asks if she suspects him, which she denies and they start taking on first name basis. Saji sees them and looks at his ring again.

At the Kataron base, Marina is singing with the children. They are informed about the up comming coup detat from the federation, and they want to meet with them. Even though it might be set up, they deside to risk it and meet with them.

Setsuna is looking for Ptolemy when he sees Ali's suit. He chases after it until they reach Setsuna's home town where Ali gets out of his suit. Setsuna comes out to meet him and is greeted by Ribbons. Ribbons mentioned they have met once before. He reveals he is indeed the pilot of the 0 gundam. The 0 gundam being part of a weapons test in which everyone was suppose to be killed, but the look in Setsuna's eyes changed him mind. Ribbons saids that he was the one that made Setsuna a Meister and claims that Setsuna's job is over and that he is the rightful pilot of the 00 gundam. Setsuna refuses and is shot by Ali with what appears to be a GN gun releasing particles. Setsuna and Ali both return to their mobile Suits and begin engaging in a battle.

The ptolemy is attacked by a garrazo and a gadessa and they release Tieria and Alleujah to intercept them. Tieria goes after the garrazo piloted by Bring and Alleujah goes for gadessa piloted by Rivive. Tieria cant get the upper hand on Bring. Bring tries a last chance at convincing Tieria to rejoin the Innovators, but Tieria says hes human. Bring wont allow a fellow Innovator to stop his mission and goes in for the kill. Tieria activates Trans-am and stops him. He then announces that he is revealing his second form by choice this time and detaches the backpack which contains the GN drive, the cockpit, and the Sepherim gundam. Bring activates his GN shield, but the Sepherim goes right through his. The wrist glows and he destroys the garrazo and kills Bring. The death is felt by the other Innovators.

Back with the 00, Setsuna is able to destroy some of the fangs and manages to land a hit on the the Ali. A plane containing the Kataron members fly by. Ali tries to take the plane hostage, but Setsuna in trans-am is too fast and almost kills Ali until he hears Marina's song. Ali gets away.

Meanwhile Billy shows Bushido his new suit, and it appears to have a fake twin drive. Billy mentions that Eifman's hidden secret is installed within it. Billy then tears up the picture

What an action packed episode this was. Shame that Ali didnt die. It seems unlike every other show with a singing maiden, Marina is actually stopping Setsuna from fighting. The only plus is that it seems that Ali will be a non factor and he is quite handly defeated by Setsuna. We finally see Tieria's new form and i think its much better than Nadelleh. Quite interesting that the rest of Seravee is nothing but a giant GN condenser and an empty shell. Arios is now noted as being the fastest MS in air, but we still need to see much much more of it. Nothing at all with Cherudim, but the Anew-Lyle relationship is moving along. Speaking of Anew it seems she is unaware that she is a innovator making an interesting situation later on. Perhaps Lyle will think about defecting with Anew holding him back being a former (unknown) traitor as well. On to Alleujah and Marie. Seems Alleujah is being a little paranoid about Marie being involved in any way. This wont sit good with the fact that she will be the Archer's new pilot. I hope she doesn't bite the dust the first time she gets into the thing.

Episode plus/minus:

- anew. Looks to be a big part of the future of the show
- 00 for being pwnage again
- Sepherim gundam
- nena's Haro. "you got dumped, you got dumped"
- People who made the new OP.

-ALi, for not dying.
- Directors. Still not giving Arios any air time. (and i dont really like the Arios, but it still needs some love)
- Marina for stopping Setsuna


Riven Uchiwa said...

I haven't watched it yet so I can't read the post yet!

SeedFreedom said...

Well watch it then :P

Riven Uchiwa said...

I watched it like 2 hours after I posted that. :P I'm becoming a little less disappointed but I would love to see the Arios become awsome like the rest of the freeking Gundams. Seravee's second form Sepherim is really awsome. It seems that they are pushing a ton to the back of the show in order to set up for something awsome. I'm also glad that Alle can't be rivaled in the air! GO ALLE! I'm really pissed at Marina for stopping Setsu just when he was about to destroy that bastard Ali.

With the whole Alle thing going on right now I think they are setting up for Hallelujah's return to the series. It is never to late to bring back my favorite character. When I say favorite character I mean the Alle and Halle combo that powns all!

SeedFreedom said...

rofl. Arios needs much more until he gets equal screen time. Setsuna's wound is dwelling on me more and more by the passing day so lets hope it gets settled by the next ep.

By showing Halle back a comeback at some time in the series seems almost certain.

Riven Uchiwa said...

It should only be around 2 episodes until Halle comes back and then I hope that we can see what the archer actually does. Once that is out of the way Arios should have some decent screen time. They really have been shafting it though. If you don't aagree with me watch the sereis again. I can't beleive that he had so much screen time last season and now he has next to none.