Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sekirei 1

We start this story off in another place where two girls are taking out heavily armed guards. One of the girls manages to save a younger child while the other has slaugtered all the guards because no one told her to stop. We then jump to the present with our 3 time failure to get into university, Minato Sahashi. On a train he hears about a man who has just purchased 85% of neo tokyo, Minaka Hiroto, chairman of MBI. On his way home a girl flies into him. He realizes that there are two other girls shooting electricity following her. He manages to save her and take her back to his aparment. The following day, she wakes up, half naked and greatful, yet hungry. She introduces herself as Musubi. The landlord notices her and reminds him that his room is for a single person, and she is not to stay over again. she manages to eat him out of money, and on his way to the bank, they run into the same girls for yesterday. This time, Musubi, seems "distracted" and is unable to fight. Minato brings them to an alley when the girls chase and promptly rip most of Musubi's clothing. Musubi then kisses him calling him her "Ashikabi". She grows wings of light and manage to hold off the girls attacks. They declare they have no interest in fighting those who already have wings and look for easier prey. While out, the girls run into a mysertious man with control of fire who insults them for picking on the weak. Hesitant to start battle against him, he declares he also has no intention on fighting with winged fighters. At home Minato attempts to receive some clothing from her sister (with hilarious results). Minaka then suddenly appears on Minato's TV and explains he is now bonded with Musubi and they are now in a royal rumble of the 108 fighters called "Sekirei". He also warns Minato that he must not allow anyone to find out about the fights... or else. Before Minato can get any more information, a MBI agent shows up with clothes for Musubi. While she changes, Minato runs outside, right into the landlord who kicks him out. He and Musubi run all around town and finds out no one is willing to give him a room. Broken, we walks to the park where she declares she will help him and kisses him to reveal her wings once again. They then take off into the night as Minaka recites a portion of an old legend.


Very interesting storyline which brings back Fate/Stay Night with the concept of a battle royal with a grand prize for the winner. Obvious differences are that there is much more ecchi in this and more comedy. Nothing really surpirsing and not much speculation except i expect them to resolve the issue over where they will live next epsiode. The huge hype and pretty good first ep will almost guarentee i will finish watching this series.

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