Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Macross 4

We start with Alto having difficulty with a flight simulator. However it turns out Micheal actually turned up the difficulty on the simulator because Alto would finish too quickly. Meanwhile, Ranka is entering a Miss Macross contest, which alto promised to attend. Ranka starts feeling self conscious about her body until he runs into Sheryl. She sees Alto in the audience and gains her confidence again. However Alto is pulled away in the middle because he has to finish his final evaluation. The evaluation is a mock fight using paint projectiles in an old war zone. Alto is fairing well, until a real enemy appears. At this time they are all unarmed, but Alto remembering what these monsters did to Ranka's family decides to take revenge with only a knife. The mock enemy of Alto reveals she has live ammo because she just came back from a reconnaissance mission and tries to hold it off. Alto grabs a discarded alien gun and finishes the enemy. Back at base, we see Alto sparring partner, a giant woman the size of a mecha. Ranka, however started to lose her concentration after Alto left, but the judges still found her cute. It turns out that Ranka doesn't win, but Alto did manage to pass his exam and is now a full member. It also turns out that the giant woman, isnt so giant when she shrinks and as a result is teased by Micheal. After all the celebrations, As Alto is walking along he is tripped by Sheryl.

After Thoughts

Well, pretty interesting episode in which we get to see Alto's piloting skills. I was able to guess the enemy whould show up as soon as they mentioned fake bullets. I really was expecting Ranka to pull off a win, but i guess it will build her character to take a loss. We still have no clue whats going on between Alto and his father, who wants nothing to do with him so it'll be interesting to see where that leads.

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