Monday, July 7, 2008

Soul Eater episode 8

We start off with Maka and soul still trying to fight Corona. All seems hopeless when a black scythe comes through the door. The scythe is actually Death Scythe and is being wielded by Stien. Using Death Scythe as a shield, and his direct soul attacks, Stein manages to gain the upper hand on Corona, until the black blood shows its true power. The drops of black blood each become an individual weapon and starts to confine Stien. But Stien is still too much and finishes the fight with a double soul purge, Kamehameha style. With Corona defeated, the witch behind all of this reveals herself and unleashes a vector arrow attack. Stein escapes using soul resonance with DS and witch hunter while the witch gets away. Back at shibusen, Soul is put in intensive care while Black Star and Tsubaki come to visit. Stien reveals to Death Scythe that Soul is infected with the black blood, while he doesn't know how that will affect him. After Maka gives Black Star a Maka chop, a teacher comes in... and its the witch named madeusa!


Well, i already read the manga so none of this really comes at a surprise so i will write reactions as i felt them in the manga. It is interesting to see how DS and Stein can still work so well together. Stien impresses once again with skill and speed while DS again shows off his lecherous side. The black blood infecting soul will be quite interesting. The one thing I don't understand why Medusa released her soul protect, and RANDOM FANSERVICE! The anime is being pretty loyal to the manga, so its on a good track.

Next episode will be the introduction of the legendary sword.

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