Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 ep 18

Its been 4 months since the "break pillar" incident. CB is commencing a mission to finally destroy the second Memento Mori. The other gundams provide support to the oo-riser while it uses its hyper saber (that's my nick name for it for now). Saji piloted the riser only because the Memento Mori is a destructive machine. With the Memento Mori destroyed, the gundams retreat.

A lot has happened in these 4 months. the break pillar incident was labeled as an attempt to destroy the elevator by the anti-government forces, and the remaining federation forces were absorbed by A-laws. Setsuna's wound is healing, but is being slowed by the fake GN particles. Meanwhile a-laws pressure on Kataron has been increasing. Shirin wonders how long they can keep running.

Marie meanwhile has gone back to using the name Soma and acts coldly to everyone including Alleujah. Alleujah wants to stop Soma from fighting, but Lockon says he should try to learn while Soma is fighting. Saji wonders if the same happened to Louise.

Wang asks ribbions about his plans. Ribbons doesn't fully explain to her, but tells her she will never be an innovator. Regene doesn't like the treatment Wang is getting, but cannot argue back because Ribbons knows they have been close these past 4 months.

Back at A-Laws Andrei has been promoted for killing "the rebel" Sergei. Its the innovators that come and congratulate him which lets Louise find out Sergei was Andrei's father. Andrei says he did what he did for peace. Louise wonders if she should be able to shoot Saji.

CB discusses A-Laws information control and realize that need Veda to do it. They decide to regain control of Veda, and to do it they need an innovator. Lockon is not there however, he is preoccupied with Anew in bed. Lyle admits he never was close with his brother or his family. He left for school so he didn't have to be compared to his brother who he knew was better than him. Lyle asks Anew about her family, but she can't answer him. He decides its alright if she can't say anything. They kiss and in the middle of the kiss, Anew spaces out and has her innovator eyes. She comes to and Lyle calls her a clutz for spacing out during a kiss.

Thanks to Anew, A-Laws now know where CB is and launch an attack. The gundams launch but before Lyle does, he announces he loves her to the shock of the rest of the crew. Wang gets a message with the location of veda to give to CB.

Back with Kataron the A-laws found their hideout. One shoots at a child but Marina goes to block the shot.

Reaction: (may be added on to later)

Well no cooldown episode this time. Lots of action, but even more in terms of relationships. the first obvious one is the speeding of the relationship between Lyle and Anew. They sure have gotten close these past 4 months are are now, assumingly, sleeping together. Lyle knows about Anew being a innovator, and now needs to decide what hes going to do. While their relationship is growing, another is failing. Marie has now gone back to Soma and is ignoring Alleujah. She is still working with CB and presumably still in love with Alleujah, but it seems she felt that her attitude and comfort meant she couldn't protect Sergei. A few speculative relationships. Wang and Regene seems to be growing. There also may be a relationship between Tieria and Melena, but that seems more like a joke. On another issue, seems like Setsuna was hit with a GN gun after all, despite having a physical bullet removed. Seems the 00 is keeping him alive. Saji still unsure about weather to fight or not.


Riven Uchiwa said...

I loved the end when they were saying the people they were fighting for/loved. Tieria with Veda and Setsuna with Gundam! we all knew that those guys really love machines. I congradulate Lycon for his relationship with Anew. What a way to spell out their relationship with the entire crew.

Now for the bad:
Regene should stay on his own flippin side! Get it right!
Now all jokes aside:
Marina was valiant but she should have just kept out of it.
Louise and Saji should get sat on by Gundams because either you can shoot or you can't shoot. Make up your damn minds already!
Marie its either Marie or Soma. Pick one identity already. I mean look at poor Allelujah.

Can't wait for next episode! When will Hallelujah come? No one knows.

SeedFreedom said...

Regene seems to want to rebel against Ribbons and is sending Wang to do it. Still unset fatso didnt bite the dust, and the MM was still up.

I don't think Marie has changed, i think she wants to adopt her "Soma" name and attitude so she wont be weak and let "somebody" die on her again.

Saji is starting to come around. It felt a lot more natural having him this time. Hopefully after their meeting next episode he will have made his resolve.

Riven Uchiwa said...

They are all wusses. I'm starting to really resent what they are doing to this series. I don't know if they can recover this enough to get a third season. What happened to the Pwnage of the first season?