Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clannad 16-17 quick writeup

Two very touching episodes. Spoilers inside.

Episode 16

Tomoya celebrates Christmas and New Years as Nagisa advances in her pregnancy. The gang comes together again to celebrate and talk about life. Kotomi is researching her parents work and starts to discuss other worlds. It is then that Tomoya remembers the play. He wonders how he knew the story, but doesn't dwell on it too long. The rest feel how fast Tomoya and Nagisa's life is moving and Tomoya admits he's not even sure if hes fully aware of him being a father. One day the city is frozen and cars, trains, everything is frozen. As luck would have it, Nagisa starts her contractions. Yagi is able to come, but Nagisa can't get to the hospital. Its painful and she passes out a few times. When Ushio is finally born, Nagisa falls asleep for the last time. Tomoya regrets every meeting Nagisa.

Episode 17

Four years have passed. Tomoya is almost lifeless and tries to avoid having any free time. any days off and free time he has he spends wasting away at a Pincho parlor. One day, Sanae comes to pay a visit. She decides to take Tomoya on a date. At a ice cream parlor, Sanae asks Tomoya to take a vaction with her and Akio. He doesn't really want to, but she presses him hard and he feels he owes this to her. When he get there, Sanae and Akio are gone, and a note tells him they had important buisness and he will need to take care of things. He already knows this means his dauther Ushio who they have been looking over for the past four years. The day is rather uneventful with Ushio playing with a toy that breaks. He fixes it, but Ushio ignores Tomoya's warning to let it dry and the glue sticks the toy's wheel. The next day, Tomoya notes Sanae and Akio aren't back, and decides to go out. Its not until now that he notices this is the first time since she was born that they have spent any time together alone.


Maybe its because i knew it was comming, but Nagisa's death didn't impact me as much as i thought it would. Its funny how the world seems to be working against them with Nagisa giving birth early on the day the city freezes over. While i can see Tomoya's reasons, i never thought he would come to hate having met Nagisa.

Ushio is really a mini Nagisa. running around and not watching where she goes. Tomoya obviously still doesn't have the mindset to be around his own child, trying to avoid her as much as he can. Tomoya's additude really does urk me and if the preview is any indicator, we havent seen the worst of it.

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