Sunday, January 1, 2012


So a quick update on some things i probably already mentioned.

First of all, officially i will be holding off on the end of year review until such time as i can catch up in the episodes that have aired for 2011. i will not be taking into account the episodes of 2012. Because im not waiting for the series to finish, the delay wont be huge. this is mainly due to my download cap so i cant finish the episodes until i get more bandwidth. I will not be able to finish off kami-sama or Hanasaku Iroha, but i have enough of a grasp on them to talk as if finished. i do intend to finish off kami-sama at least, Iroha on the other hand didnt keep me interested enough and will likely not be finished, but im not saying no for now.

i will be catching up in Guilty crown and will start doing two part specials. I will blog after episode 11 and one at the end. this will allow me to give insight on these shows without needing to write a full review for every episode.

Lets see how much time Skyward Sword will take out of my day (along with major projects, exams and the like). Also, i am still waiting on proper recording software as well as a good mic before i do the deus ex lets play.

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