Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey guys, so exam period is here, but that also means the christmas break is almost here. There are a few recommended series for this season that i want to catch, such and phi brain and guilty crown. Seeing as how this season is greatly hyped, i have high expectations for these shows. As a result, i might be delaying the end of the year review/rewards. I dont feel like this year is accurately represented if i only watch one show this season.

My surprise is constantly being put off cuse of my lazyness, but i have another surprise in store. I am going to be doing a lets-play of Deus ExL Human Revolution. i will upload it here, but will probably keep it off youtube cuse they are assholes about copyrights for these kinda things.

And yes, i will try to get fate 9/10 out tonight before ep 11 airs.

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