Monday, October 27, 2008

Gundam 00 S2 04 Notes

Ya, this is what im going to do now if i want to jot down ideas and am too lazy, or dont have the time for a full post. Notes

Well entertaining ep, still lack of cherudim gundam. It also seems like the new suits can use Trans am rather laxly, so they do seem overpowered, but hey im not a guy to complain about overpowered suits. Total lols at "mr bushido". What a side for graham, and frankly a very ugly mask. No new features with the gundams to discuss and storyline seems pretty average. Only points worth noting were the Feldt kiss and Saji. First we see that Feldt has really changed and seems to be a little more shy about her feelings making her uber cute. We also see that Lyles happy persona may be a facade to help people adjust to the switch. He seems a little more reckless and a little less secure. However it does look like hes forming feelings for the gundam crew (kind of warning feldt while helping himself) making the chance of his defelction a little less. Speaking of deflections, i see Saji switching over and realizing all the crap hes been going on about is becoming undone so he might soon be part of the polomy regulars. Theres also this issue of a bit of the ep comming after the ending so i guess thats one way to make people watch the credits. and sumeragi upped the "hot" factor of this show by 100. Now, my character rankings:

Feldt +5 = 30 (25 from last season)
sumeragi + 10 = 20
Lockon -5 = 5
setsuna + 8 = 18
soma +5 = 15

Interesting side notw. I recently looked up "brave new world" and soma is the name of the drug everyone takes to forget their worries so... hmm. Unlikely however that they took the name from there as soma is also the name of a hindu ritual drink.

P.S. Riven, only Setsuna is awesome enough to steal a naked woman covered in a bed sheet from her boyfriends place (from official manga)


Anonymous said...

i don't think riven is interested in being carried around naked lol...

Riven said...

I am very interested in being carried around naked....well at least Sumeragi being carried out of bed by Setsuna cause it is so lols. Anyway, I say that "Mr. Bushido" is awsome! I still can't believe that all those people survived. Can't wait to see what you say about 5!

SeedFreedom said...

Mr. bushido... awesome? Whatever awesome he had was destroyed by his pick of the name mr. bushido.